R&D Center

Research and Development

RITCO R&D CENTER as a driving force of the development of innovative technologies, is striving to develop, commercialize, and distribute core technologies for automatic tunnel control, fire prevention, intelligent road system, and industry safety.



Integrated Management System for Tunnel
for more efficient automatic tunnel management, based on the world’s No.1 networking expertise, RITCO works ceaselessly to develop the optimal solution for the Integrated Management System for Tunnel
Total Fire Safety Solution
The Total Fire Solution research includes experiments on a variety of simulations and scenarios regarding road tunnels, railway tunnels, and underground facilities. Its striking results already have been made into the best products for fire detection which are available in the market.
Intelligent Traffic System
Providing safe driving environment or traffic system is crucial especially in South Korea, where the mountainous terrain and frequent accidents cost 8 trillion won (about 26.5 Billion dollars) in social costs. RITCO has offices across the world and the solution for traffic issues. Intelligent Traffic Solutions include following: - thermal mapping, anti-icing, road weather information system…
Pollution Monitoring and Control
For sustainable growth, environment should be preserved, therefore RITCO will help to achieve this goal through the development of the Pollution Measurement and Control solutions.


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